Episode 201 – “Lights Out”




 Written by Bill Nuss

Directed by Terrence O’Hara


An anti-technology terrorist is setting bombs around the beach, and will only let T.C. and Victor dismantle them.  He wants all power in Santa Monica shut down for twelve hours on the first of the month.  An FBI agent comes in to assist the unit, butting heads with Palermo by making Chris his liaison.  In the end, it’s the Bike Patrol — and not the FBI — that discovers the bomber’s true plan is to use the blackout to pull a multi-million dollar bank heist.  While this is happening, T.C.’s girlfriend Sandy returns to live with him, with the condition that he not tell her anything about his job so she won’t worry.  But the agreement ends up making things harder on both of them.


Lt. Anthony Palermo Rick Rossovich
T.C. Callaway Jim Davidson
Cory McNamara Paula Trickey
Chris Kelly Darlene Vogel
Victor Del Toro Marcos Ferraez


Sandy Kellogg Cindy Ambuehl
Wilson Dupree Robin Sachs
Agent Timothy Stone David Lee Smith
Dwight McMillen David Parker
O’Neill Skip Stellrecht
Mom Robyn Lees


Executive Producers Gary Nardino, Bill Nuss
Created by Bill Nuss
Co-Executive Producers Alan Mruvka, Marilyn Vance, Rick Filon
Co-Executive Producers Jay Firestone, John Laing
Producer Donald Marcus
Co-Producers Terri Treas, Michael Zand
Produced by John B. Moranville
Music by Christopher Franke
Director of Photography Christian Sebaldt
Associate Producer Gary Winter
Casting by Margaret McSharry, Brad Warshaw
Edited by Barry L. Gold, a.c.e.
Production Designer D.C. Schramm
Bike Patrol Uniforms Designed by Marilyn Vance

Thank you to Trek, Spinergy, Helen’s Cycles

Wear Your Helmet

Bike Safety is Important


The persons and events portrayed in this film are fictitious.  Any similarity to actual persons, living or dead, or any events is unintentional.

This motion picture is protected under the laws of the United States and other countries.  Unauthorized duplication, distribution or exhibition may result in civil liability or criminal prosecution.

North Hall Productions is the author of this motion picture for the purpose of copyright and other laws.

©         1996 North Hall Productions, Inc.

            All rights reserved