Episode 518 – “Betrayal”




 Written by Jordon Flick

Directed by James F. Davidson


Bobby Cruz’ sister, Teresa, witnesses the suicide of a high school classmate and begins to fall under the spell of the girl’s manipulative boyfriend.

An ambitious rookie cop, recently assigned to Pacific Blue, turns out to be a spy for Internal Affairs.  Things get complicated when he’s let into the young Pac Blue officers’ scheme to frame a ruthless drug dealer.


Bobby Cruz Mario Lopez
T.C. Callaway Jim Davidson
Cory McNamara Paula Trickey
Monica Harper Shanna Moakler
Russ Granger Jeff Stearns
Jamie Strickland Amy Hunter Cornelius


Teresa Cruz Susan Enriquez
Brian Washington Jacobi Wynne
Jake Weber Brian Gross
John Damon Leroy Edwards
Nikki Kylee Cochran
Lt. Susan Jessup Holly Gagnier
Tina Murphy Shelby Fenner
Tyler Houston Sam Sarpong
Robyn Michelle Ruben
Lindsay Jiliana Stewart
Officer Ryder Ivan Bosso
Junkie Deborah Dir
Police Captain Marianna Harris


Executive Producer Bill Nuss
Created by Bill Nuss
Co-Executive Producers Alan Mruvka, Marilyn Vance, Rick Filon
Co-Executive Producers Jay Firestone, John Laing
Co-Executive Producer John B. Moranville
Co-Executive Producer Richard C. Okie
Supervising Producer Emily Skopov
Producers Paul Margolis

John J. Scherer

Music by Christopher Franke
Director of Photography Bob Hayes
Associate Producer Gary Winter
Casting by Margaret McSharry, Brad Warshaw
Edited by Ken Bornstein, a.c.e.
Production Designer Vince Cresciman
Bike Patrol Uniforms Designed by Marilyn Vance

Thank you to Trek, Spinergy, Helen’s Cycles, Adidas

Wear Your Helmet

Bike Safety is Important


The persons and events portrayed in this film are fictitious.  Any similarity to actual persons, living or dead, or any events is unintentional.

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            All rights reserved