Episode 404 – “Seduced”




 Written by Jill Sherman Donner

Directed by Terence H. Winkless


Russ Granger discovers that his best friend’s little sister, MOLLY, is an underage porn star.  After she resists being saved, Jamie goes undercover, hoping to nail the producer.

Monica is offered ten thousand dollars to pose for Playpen Magazine, with an additional bonus if she recruits the other three women from Pacific Blue.  Thinking she has them all, Monica goes ahead and poses very provocatively before learning that the others have declined.

Cory informs Doug of her impending pregnancy, but gets a less than enthusiastic response from the father of her child.


Bobby Cruz Mario Lopez
T.C. Callaway Jim Davidson
Cory McNamara Paula Trickey
Chris Kelly Darlene Vogel
Monica Harper Shanna Moakler
Russ Granger Jeff Stearns
Jamie Strickland Amy Hunter Cornelius


Doug Fraser Owen McKibbin
Johnny Randy Becker
Chuck Werner Marc Brett
Molly Alison Lohman
Renee Hill Kathrin Nicholson
Sherry Sweet Jennifer O’Dell
Paul Bowen Paul Hughes
Vernon Charlie Brumbly
Triple-H Hunter Hearst Helmsley


Executive Producer Bill Nuss
Created by Bill Nuss
Co-Executive Producers Alan Mruvka, Marilyn Vance, Rick Filon
Co-Executive Producers Jay Firestone, John Laing
Co-Executive Producer John B. Moranville
Executive Consultant Richard C. Okie
Executive Consultant David Kemper
Supervising Producer Paul Brown
Producer Emily Skopov
Music by Christopher Franke
Director of Photography Bob Hayes
Associate Producer Gary Winter
Casting by Margaret McSharry, Brad Warshaw
Edited by John W. Carr
Production Designer Anthony Brockliss
Bike Patrol Uniforms Designed by Marilyn Vance

Thank you to Trek, Spinergy, Helen’s Cycles, Adidas

Wear Your Helmet

Bike Safety is Important

The persons and events portrayed in this film are fictitious.  Any similarity to actual persons, living or dead, or any events is unintentional.

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