Rick Rossovich


A diversely talented actor, Rick Rossovich’s credits in film and television are extensive.  He starred as Dr. John “Tag” Taglieri on the NBC hit drama series “ER” and appeared as a regular on CBS’s “Sons and Daughters.”  Other television credits include guest starring roles in such series as “Mad About You,” “Cheers,” and “Touched by An Angel.”  He has also starred in the NBC miniseries “Gambler IV,” HBO’s “Tales of the City” and Showtime’s “Legends of the Lost Tomb.”


Rossovich has also appeared in memorable roles of box office hits such as Slider in “Top Gun” and Chris, the simple fireman in the romantic comedy, “Roxanne.”  A few of his other film credits are “The Terminator,” “Navy SEALS,” “Streets of Fire,” “Lords of Discipline,” “Black Scorpion,” “Truth or Consequences,” and Fatally Yours.”

Much like his character on “Pacific Blue”, Rossovich is an avid biker and encourages neighbors to pedal rather than drive.  An avid outdoorsman, Rossovich enjoys gardening and vacationing with his wife Eva and two children on his farm in Sweden.